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Welcome to Our New Site!

We are glad you are here! As you can see, we've got a whole new look here at QFC Plastics including our corporate logo. Since technology is ever changing, we felt it was time to update our website, not just aesthetically but also in content and functionality.

Our goal is to consistently provide a high level of service for our customers. We realized it was time to bring a high level of service to our website also. In that spirit, you can now access printable ISO Certificates, Sales Sheets and download a Credit Application. Users can now view the full QFC line of disposable medical devices. Coming soon, we will host a library of all our sales materials for download as well.

We've also included easy ways to communicate and connect with you--OUR CUSTOMERS--via our new Facebook page plus our Company News and Blog area. Please take a look around and send us your feedback. We would love to hear from you!   Email us info@qfcplastics.com




QFC is on FACEBOOK~Like It! 

In conjunction with the upcoming launch of our new website, we have created a QFC fan page on Facebook! It's a place to connect with our customers and share some of the fun that goes on at QFC Plastics! We hope you will check out our new page at www.facebook.com/qfcplastics and LIKE it!


2011: Record Year For Robots

We found this article from Plastics News interesting regarding robots. At QFC, we are ahead of the 10% mentioned as we have had robotics in our facility since 2005!


North American industrial robot makers set a record in 2011 -- 19,337 robots sold in the region valued $1.17 billion -- according to the Robotic Industries Association.

North American orders were up 47 percent in units and 38 percent in dollars from 2011 -- and beat the record set in 2005, by more than 1,000 robots.

Automotive-related manufacturing drove much of the increase, according to RIA in Ann Arbor. The fourth quarter of 2011 was the strongest quarter ever recorded by RIA, which began reporting data in 1984. For the fourth quarter, 5,721 robots were shipped, valued at $317.5 million.

RIA President Jeff Burnstein said the strengthening North American manufacturing sector, combined with a growing interest in automation, contributed to the strong year.

So-called “re-shoring” also helped, according to John Dulchinos, president and CEO of Adept Technology Inc. in Pleasanton, Calif. “I think another factor we saw in 2011 was the decision by many U.S. manufacturing companies to keep manufacturing at home by automating, and in some cases, bringing back manufacturing that had previously been sent overseas,” he said.

Burnstein said there is an even bigger potential market. “Many observers believe that only about 10 percent of the U.S. companies that could benefit from robots have installed them so far,” he said.