QFC Plastics is dedicated to quality with a commitment to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003, FDA standards in the manufacturing and distribution of our products. Our Quality Management System employs controls at every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure that anything and everything we produce meets or exceeds our customers' standards of excellence.  Our standad documentation practices provide detailed information about tool care accountability, material traceability and inspection data to facilitate effective root cause analysis.   Some of our quality system functions include:

  • First Article Inspections (FAI)
  • Process Capability Studies
  • Gage R&R Studies
  • PPAP
  • Non-Conforming Material/Product Quarantine
  • Documented Inspection Plans and Work Instructions
  • Calibration Control
  • Corrective and Preventive Action System
  • Internal Audits


At QFC, our molding experience encompasses  both the automotive and medical industries.  Because we understand the critical role that dimensional specifications can play in any molding endeavor, we are committed to making sure that our customers feel the utmost confidence in our dependability in this arena.  Our quality staff are trained to use a wide range of tools and gages, are knowledgable in GD&T and CAD engineering drawings, and are involved in every phase of the part production process from incoming receiving and in-process inspections to final packout inspection.  

 In addition, we invest in the most cutting edge in technological innovation available.  

We have our very own OGP Smartscope Flash 500, a touchless vision system measurement device capable of precision to the millionth decimal place.  The OGP is capable of measuring parts of up to 18" in length, and can be programmed with part specific routines that can provide virtually instant feedback to process technicians.  For larger parts, we also have our own Zeiss CMM (Coordinate Measurement Machine).

Other quality assurance tools include a Deltronic Optical Comparator, Height Gages, Gage Blocks and Pin Gages, Go-No Go Gages, Moisture Analyzers, Extrusion Plastometers for Melt Flow Indexing, Surface Plates... the list goes on!

 There's clearly more to say about what QFC Plastics' quality department can do for you.  Please feel free to send us a message at info@qfcplastics.com with any questions you might have about what QFC can do for you.    


 QFC stands behind our commitment to Quality.